Hydrogen bikes: a thing in China?

Who knew? (And who on Earth would choose hydrogen over electricity to power a bike??)

Hydrogen bikes: a thing in China?
This undated photo provided by the Youon Technology Co Ltd shows a folding hydrogen-powered bicycle developed by the bike-producing company. A prototype of an innovative folding hydrogen-powered bicycle has officially rolled off the production line in the city of Changzhou, East China's Jiangsu province, according to its developer on Friday. [Photo/Xinhua via China Daily article below]

I recently saw a thread on Twitter with pics of a whole fleet of these hydrogen-powered bikes that are apparently available to rent in Changzhou, China (pop: 3.9 million).

Maybe it’s just me... but doesn’t hydrogen seem a bit excessive to power a commuter bike? It’s like using an air horn to get a classroom of kids to stop talking. Gets the job done – but at what cost?

Maybe when actual green hydrogen (instead of hydrogen as a fossil fuel byproduct) makes up more than 4% of the available hydrogen fuel supply, I’ll get more excited about possible uses for it.

(That said, hydrogen does seem like one of the best candidates to power heavy equipment and airplanes.)

Read the full story here.

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