Boeing signs deal with LA green energy company

The company has agreed to pre-purchase the hydrogen, which will be produced by facilities designed to remove CO2 from seawater so the ocean can become a more efficient carbon sink.

Boeing signs deal with LA green energy company
A demonstration site of a seawater-based carbon removal system is set up on a barge, Wednesday, April 12, 2023, in San Pedro, Calif. Equatic, a Los Angeles startup that is designing facilities to remove carbon dioxide from the ocean says it has struck an agreement with Boeing to provide the aerospace giant with a byproduct of the process to help it cut emissions from planes. Credit: AP Photo/Ashley Landis, File

Boeing has signed alternative fuel deal with Los Angeles startup to cut their carbon footprint. The startup, Equatic, uses electrolysis to create green hydrogen while removing carbon dioxide from the ocean. Boeing has agreed to pre-buy hydrogen from the company, which plans to be up and running by 2025.

Will planes of the future be powered by hydrogen? 🤔 ✈️

Read the full story here.

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