“Can eating seaweed help the climate crisis?”

Ohhhhhh Mother Jones, you are asking my kind of question.

“Can eating seaweed help the climate crisis?”
Photo by Patrik Kay / Unsplash

This Mother Jones article offers a good overview of the current seaweed hype that I too often find myself getting caught up in. 😁🌿🌊 (I blame the four years I lived in Japan and my subsequent love for all things seaweedy.)

It’s interesting to read how seaweed farming is growing in popularity around the world and is expected to continue growing in years to come – and how (according to the article) the biggest threat to the industry is companies making the same mistakes as land-based farming and creating “1,000-acre monoculture farms” only in the sea instead of the land.

(Not to mention the risks of increased industry-related plastic pollution or how ineffective seaweed farming is at extracting large amounts of carbon dioxide out of the air – an overblown benefit that’s often associated with the hype around seaweed.)

That said, as the mother of an aspiring seaweed farmer and with all the stories of the potential for seaweed to play an increasingly important role in the food, cosmetics, biomaterials, and pharmaceutical industries, I am very curious to see whether the predictions for seaweed’s continued growth will prove true.

Read the full article here.

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