Awesome Food

Photo by Francesco Gallarotti on Unsplash

Imagine a future in which everyone, everywhere had enough healthy and delicious food to eat.

AND food production took a small fraction of the land currently being used to produce the food we consume – so that vast stretches of that land could be re-wilded to provide more natural habitat for local species and humans everywhere could live in greater harmony with the world around them.

... AND where communities had the ability to produce most of their food locally and didn’t have to rely on food grown halfway around the world or on supply chains that can easily get disrupted by extreme weather events or politics or other factors.

AND where people could still respectfully hunt or fish and live “off the land,” if that’s their jam.  

That’s the food future I dream of – and I believe it's within our capacity to create.

There are so many different agricultural growing methods and food production technologies and processes already in use or development that could help us create a world where we have the potential to meet humanity’s growing food needs while using less land, energy, and resources – and not producing environmentally destructive waste products in the process.

This may sound like a pipe dream. And sure, we may be years away from creating this kind of delicious and food-secure future.

BUT there is – without question – a higher-than-zero chance of making it happen.

And when the possibility exists, why not do what we can to make it a reality?

At the very least, we can start thinking about it and talking about it!

Here are some of the Awesome Food topics we might consider as we create our shared vision of what our future could look like.  Which ideas do you want to incorporate in YOUR Awesome Future?

If you know of an Awesome Food topic we could be covering at Our Awesome Future, please send us a tip! Email with your suggestions.

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