SHOCKER: Apple supports California's "Right to Repair" Bill

Insiders are calling it a "surprising about-face" for the tech giant.

SHOCKER: Apple supports California's "Right to Repair" Bill
Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg / Unsplash

After fighting against "right to repair" legislation for years, Apple has apparently reversed course and come out in support of California's new Right to Repair bill. Industry experts believe the company's support will greatly improve the bill's chances of getting passed.

In addition to requiring companies to make their products more easily repairable, the bill would require manufacturers who sell products for more than $100 — a threshold that applies to most of Apple’s products — to make replacement guides, parts, and tools available for at least three years after the date that manufacture ended.

iFixit’s CEO Kyle Wiens called Apple's support of the bill a "watershed moment" and said, “It feels like the Berlin Wall of tech repair monopolies is starting to crumble, brick by brick.”

Of course, some people are questioning whether Apple has ulterior motives, given its long-time battle against right-to-repair legislation. Here's hoping it's because the company has realized durable tech devices that use the minimal amount of resources are the future and want to get the jump on their competitors. 🤞

Read Fast Company's take on the story here

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