Mycoworks opens world’s first commercial-scale "fine mycelium" plant

What is "fine mycelium"? Excellent question.

Mycoworks opens world’s first commercial-scale "fine mycelium" plant
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Biomaterials company MycoWorks has announced the opening of the world's first commercial-scale "Fine Mycelium" production plant making a premium leather alternative out of mushrooms.

The company says its new 136,000 square-foot factory will employ 350 people and produce millions of square feet of material for its luxury goods partners when it begins operating on September 20th.

It's not 100% clear from this article whether the factory is the first-ever commercial-scale plant making leather-alternative materials from mycelium OR if the press release is leaning heavily on the company's new proprietary category of, "Fine Mycelium," to create the impression that is. (Could be a bit of marketing razzle-dazzle here.)  

Still, I would love to live in a future where more materials were made out of mushroom instead of animal products, so I hope that MycoWorks is successful in their efforts, provided that their mycelium-based leather alternative doesn't require more energy and resources to produce or cause more pollution than traditional leather does. (Because otherwise, what's the point of it?)  

Read the full article here.

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