Montreal's car-free streets "a mind-blowing success"

Remove the cars and the people will come – and hang out for hours.

Montreal's car-free streets "a mind-blowing success"
Photo by Jamshed Khedri / Unsplash

Four years ago the city of Montreal turned a 2.5-km stretch of Mont-Royal Avenue, a busy downtown artery, into a car-free summer playground that this article describes as a "daily festival" that attracted huge crowds of visitors around the clock. The experiment was a huge success, receiving rave reviews from local residents, tourists, and local businesses alike.

This summer the city decided to build on its Mont-Royal Avenue success and similarly transform 9 more streets into car-free pedestrian zones, continuing to make making people, rather than cars, the priority for city streets.

Gotta say... The urban planners from Toronto and Vancouver quoted in the article sound just a wee bit jealous.

Read the full article here.

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