Electrified cement that can power your home and vehicles?

If scalable, this technology sounds like it could be a game changer.

Electrified cement that can power your home and vehicles?
Photo by Alexander Kovacs on Unsplash

Researchers at MIT say they've figured out a way to create cement supercapacitators using affordable and readily available materials that could transform buildings, roads, and other infrastructure into energy storage systems that could make on-demand power from renewables affordable worldwide.

The technology involves mixing cement powder with a a low-cost and highly conductive form of powered carbon called "carbon black." So far the cement devices they’ve created are the size of a button and only able to power a few LED lightbulbs, but researchers seem to think the technology is scalable and say that a 45-cubic-meter volume of the “black carbon concrete” could store 10 kilowatt hours of power, enough to power an average household for a day.

Good news if true – and scalable!

Read the full article here

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