Check out this eco-industrial park in Iceland

The "circular economy" in action – or just another example of greenwashing?

Check out this eco-industrial park in Iceland
Image via Sarah Golden/GreenBiz

I recently posted about this "eco-industrial park" in Iceland, where companies are all working in conjunction with a geothermal energy plant to use the geothermal products in their own operations (including a spa, biotech company growing barley, land-based fish farm, and a company making methanol from CO2).

Some commenters on my post wondered where the fish food was coming from, which is a great question to be considered (the whole enterprise doesn’t seem super “circular” if one aspect of it is negatively impacting marine environments) – and I noticed that the fish farm is being run by the same company that got into trouble for letting diseased fish escape into the wild from marine-based farms here in BC. But I do like the concept of all of these companies working together to eliminate as much waste from the process as possible.

Read the full story here.

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