Culdesac: Arizona's new car-free walkable community

The new community will be home to 1,000 residents when it's fully completed.

Culdesac: Arizona's new car-free walkable community

Here's an interesting article in the Guardian about "Culdesac", the new car-free community being developed outside Phoenix, Arizona. The 17-acre site will feature 760 living units that will house 1,000 residents along with amenities such as a grocery store, restaurant, yoga studio and bicycle shop all in easily walkable distance for residents.

I love the architectural focus on shared outdoor spaces and the fact that residents get discounts on Lyft as well as free use of the light rail system that runs right past the neighbourhood. I also think it's interesting that the founder of the community suggests that one of the reasons people look back so fondly on college is because it's the one time in their lives that they lived in a walkable community.

(I mean, sure, that may have something to do with it... plus all the, um, other stuff that comes being young and full of beans and thrown into close proximity with a whole bunch of other people your age. 😆)

The fact that the founder has *60* ebikes also made me laugh.

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