Biden's "American Climate Corps" attracts more than 42,000 signups in its first few weeks

Meanwhile, in "the youth will save us"** news...

Biden's "American Climate Corps" attracts more than 42,000 signups in its first few weeks
Photo by Li-An Lim / Unsplash

The Biden administration launched its new American Climate Corps just a few weeks ago as part of its ongoing efforts to transition to a green economy and the initiative has already attracted more than 42,000 sign-ups.

According to this Mashable article, more than two-thirds of respondents are between the ages of 18-35, showing that (shocker) the country's youth DO want to work and are eager to receive free training that will help them get decently paid jobs in the fields of green energy, environmental conservation, and climate resilience.

I imagine that a significant percentage of these young people are going to be trained as electricians and technicians to install wind and solar and build out the grid to ensure that power generated by wind and solar farms gets transmitted to the towns and cities that need it. Perhaps also as civil engineers to help cities better withstand the impacts of climate change as they intensify in the years to come?

Read the full article here.

**Of course the youth shouldn't *have* to save us – but given how long it can take for societies to respond in any meaningful way to slow-building disasters, we haven't given them much of a choice. And it's inspiring to see how many are willing to step up and help work on solutions in a time of pressing need. Go Millennials & Gen Z!!

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