Bipartisan support grows for agrivoltaics

Instead of buying into a false "agriculture vs. renewables" dichotomy, why not use the land for both?

Bipartisan support grows for agrivoltaics
Photo by American Public Power Association / Unsplash

According to this CleanTechnica article, support on both sides of the political aisle is growing for agrivoltaics – the practice of co-locating solar panel arrays with agricultural crops and grazing fields.

Proponents believe that the shade provided by solar panels can increase crop yields while generating clean energy and allowing farms to make more money from their land. Since 43% of the country's contiguous land area is used for agricultural purposes, using that land to support renewable energy infrastructure while improving crop productivity seems like a no-brainer.

Of course challenges exist in the form of building out the country's transmission grid to carry energy generated by agrivoltaic systems to other areas where it can be used. But it looks like efforts are underway to make that happen as well.

You can read the full article here.

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