Tyndale Green: A Sustainable (Mostly) Car-Free Development in Toronto

Eco-friendly buildings, tons of natural green space, walkable amenities, and affordable housing. What's not to love?

Tyndale Green: A Sustainable (Mostly) Car-Free Development in Toronto
From tyndalegreen.com 

The other day I saw some strangers on another site celebrating the approval of a proposed housing development in Toronto and their enthusiasm got me curious to do some searching and learn more about it. What I found sounds pretty awesome.

Tyndale Green is a sustainable mixed-use development project proposed for the lands of Tyndale University, a Christian seminary that backs onto a natural ravine. The 14-building project preserves nearly 60% of the existing green space and features eco-friendly condo buildings interspersed with nature and community-focused gathering spaces with a major focus on walkability. There's also a considerable amount of affordability housing being built to it, with homes going for below-market rent.

And did I mention the entire space is going to be largely car free?

This is what the future of cities could look like.

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