NYT: The Clean Energy Future is a Battle for Hearts and Minds

Sounds like the key to winning people over is to appeal to their values & wallets.

NYT: The Clean Energy Future is a Battle for Hearts and Minds
Photo by Sungrow EMEA / Unsplash

This New York Times article offers an interesting look at the shifting attitudes toward green energy technology and EVs in largely Republican areas in the US that traditionally have been extremely pro-fossil fuels.  

I appreciate this part: "In conversations with activists, policymakers and corporate executives, it becomes clear that a save-the-planet argument doesn’t go very far. Most people won’t buy green technology unless it will clearly save them money and wows them with stunning designs or jaw-dropping performance."

If you want to win people over, you have to emphasize what they personally stand to gain. And there is SO MUCH to gain from going green and creating a sustainable future that works for all of us!

Read the full article here.

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