MY Awesome Future

Paddleboarders in the water off the Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada

Hi, I'm Erin. Here's what MY vision of our awesome future looks like:  

  • Everybody’s basic needs are met – healthy food, clean water, comfortable shelter, clothes, supportive community, loving family, quality education, ability to use one’s skills and interests to generate enough income to support oneself while contributing to the betterment of society.
  • Humans live in greater harmony and equilibrium with the natural world.
  • Cities are much greener than they are now, with more trees and natural spaces between, on, and around the buildings.
  • Fewer roads for cars and more multi-purpose nature trails for bikes and micromobility options.
  • Excellent public transportation fueled by renewable resources.
  • All energy comes from renewable sources.
  • All industries adhere to circular economy principles.
  • Pollution is pretty much a thing of the past.
  • Tech is modular and it’s easy to replace broken pieces and swap components between devices.
  • Humans can travel freely wherever they want.
  • Universal basic income – people should make a basic living wage no matter how they contribute to society.
  • No such thing as homelessness.
  • Delicious protein is cheap and abundant and factory farming is a thing of the past.
  • Huge swathes of agricultural, industrial, and urban land have been rewilded.
  • Most people live within a 15-minute walk of all their basic shopping needs and vibrant, beautiful nature.  
  • Hunting still happens and meat is still raised humanely and available for purchase but it COSTS so much more than it does now. It costs what it’s worth.
  • Here on the coast, more multi-use trails built through the forest connecting all the towns on the coast.
  • Modular houseboat communities offering affordable, beautiful nature-based housing in coastal areas.
  • Cheap, renewables-powered boats made of easily recyclable materials are a popular mode of transporation along coastlines.
  • Community owned-seaweed & seafood farms with local processing plants transforming the seaweed into food & materials.
  • People are free to follow whatever spiritual path or religion they choose and there’s massive social disapproval of those who try and and foist their beliefs on others
  • People generally understand that all paths ultimately lead to the same outcome. All gods are the same God. God is the Universe and so are we.  

We're probably not going to agree on everything.

And that's okay.

What we CAN do is focus on the areas where we DO agree and our shared visions overlap – and explore how we can work together to keep pushing those aspects of our vision forward.

The time has come to stop letting negative forces divide us.

Together we can create a world that works for all of us. And the first step to doing so is asking the question, what could our Awesome Future look like? And what are some of the actions we can take now to help make that future a reality?

Happy imagining! 💡

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