Fossil fuel subsidies surge to a brain-breaking $7 TRILLION

The world burns and those responsible are getting more government money than EVER to keep inflicting harm on the planet. This is a problem that needs fixing ASAP.

Fossil fuel subsidies surge to a brain-breaking $7 TRILLION
Photo by Maria Lupan / Unsplash

According to the IMF, fossil fuel subsidies rose to a record-breaking $7 trillion in 2022.

Yes, you read that right. Seven mother-flippin' TRILLION. That’s a $2 trillion increase in global subsidies just in the past two years – for an industry that cleared $219 billion in profits 2022. I'm just spit-balling here, but maybe that money would be better spent on an industry that's NOT actively trying to destroy the planet?

Here’s my conspiracy theory: I swear that all the stupid culture wars sucking up all the oxygen in the room are meant to distract us from THIS rage-making fact: globally we’re currently spending 7% *of the entire world’s GDP* on subsidizing the fossil fuel industry – an industry that not only knows it's destroying the planet, it has actively tried to hide or discount that information for DECADES.

Seven trillion... Remember this number the next time someone tells you that transitioning to a clean energy world is “expensive.” If there's one solution we ALL should be working toward, it's forcing governments to stop funding the fossil fuel industry to the tune of freaking TRILLIONS and start spending that money on clean energy technology instead.

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