"Fabricating Change: A Deep Dive into Material Solutions"

An interesting look at some of the material solutions being explored to help make the fashion industry more sustainable.

"Fabricating Change: A Deep Dive into Material Solutions"

To coincide with New York Fashion Week, Atmos recently released this interesting photo-driven collection of articles exploring some of the material solutions currently being developed to help the fashion industry cut down on its (ahem) little waste problem.

The solutions featured in the articles range from traditional Indian fabrics that use far less water and resources than conventional materials to seaweed-based yarns and textiles made from agro-industrial fruit waste.

(Always great to see seaweed being explored as a solution to some of our big problems!)

Note that you have to click on the titles under each photo to read the attached articles. The page design doesn't make that super obvious.

Read the full collection of articles here.

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