Awesome Shelter

Photo by Danist Soh on Unsplash

Imagine a world where everyone had safe and comfortable homes to live in and housing was affordable for all.

Now imagine homes that could easily be 3D-printed in less than a week and made entirely from biodegradable and recyclable materials that deflect heat, pull carbon out of the atmosphere, generate their own energy, and are super cheap to maintain. AND if we need to move them or tear them down and build them again somewhere else, we can do so quickly and efficiently.  

Engineers, architects, and scientists are coming up with new materials, products, and processes right now that are bringing us closer to this reality.  (Not to mention the traditional centuries-old practices that can still help us today!)

We can create a world where fully self-sufficient environmentally-friendly homes can be built cheaply and easily added to any property or stretch of land. Homelessness can be a thing of the past – and so can unhealthy materials and building processes that use too many carbon-producing resources and cause huge amounts of waste and pollution in our world.

All we need is the shared vision and collective willpower to make it happen!

Here are some of the Awesome Shelter topics to consider as we create our shared vision of what our future could look like.  Which ideas would you love to incorporate in YOUR Awesome Future?

  • Zero-carbon buildings
  • Sustainable architecture
  • Green concrete
  • 3D-printed buildings
  • Self-powered buildings
  • Living architecture
  • Housing for everyone
  • Living with nature

If you know of an Awesome Shelter topic we should be covering at Our Awesome Future, please send us a tip! Email with your suggestions.

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