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Photo by Andreas Gücklhorn on Unsplash

Ever since Prometheus committed his generous act of larceny and was rewarded with centuries of liver-pecked torment, the gift of fire has been regarded as a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, knowing how to transform the latent energy in our environment into power we can use to cook our food, heat our homes, and power the machines we use to make our lives easier, is pretty flipping sweet.

On the other… you know. The pollution, environmental destruction, negative impacts on our health.

But what if we could generate, store, and use energy in a way that didn’t harm the world around us or make us sick?

You may be surprised at how within the realm of possibility this option actually is.

The advances that have been made in solar and wind technology has been game-changing in a way a lot of people may not realize. For the first time in history, these sources of renewable energy are cheaper to employ than fossil fuel options are. Not only that – massive progress in battery technology and energy storage solutions are making it easier for people to overcome the intermittent nature of wind and solar to ensure continuous delivery of energy.

These new solutions being researched, developed, and implemented around the world could make it so much easier for individuals and communities to create their own energy and connect or disconnect from the larger grid in a way that offers cheap and reliable power for all.

I know! Sounds like a pipe dream, doesn’t it?

Again, I have to say: you may be surprised at how NON-impossible it actually is.

Here are some of the Awesome Tools topics to consider as we create our shared vision of what our future could look like.  Which ideas would you love to incorporate in YOUR Awesome Future?

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