Australian company turning old coal power site into clean energy hub

Seems like a lot of coal plants are being repurposed for green energy these days...

Coal-fired power plant NOT belching smoke into the sky
Photo by Robert Linder on Unsplash

According to PV Magazine, Australian energy company AGL has announced plans to transform its shuttered Loy Yang coal-fired power station site into a clean energy industrial hub.

The company is partnering with Melbourne-based Solar Recovery Corp. (SRC), a company that claims to have developed a recycling process that recovers up to 99% of raw materials from all types of end-of-life solar panels.

This story caught my eye because in recent months I've seen several other stories about decommissioned fossil fuel-powered plants being used for renewable energy purposes.

  • Here's a story about 11 coal plants in Illinois being converted into solar power hubs. (And another story on how it's now cheaper in the US to convert coal plants to renewables rather than to continue running them as coal plants.)
  • Here's one about a decommissioned coal-powered plant in Yorkshire, UK being repurposed as a 150MW battery storage system.  
  • Here's an old coal plant in South Africa being repurposed into a renewable energy hub with a 150 MW solar PV system, a 70 MW wind energy plant and a 150 MW battery energy storage system.
  • And here's another Australian coal plant – this time in Queensland – being transformed into a green energy hub with the potential to generate 1.2 GW of clean energy.

Turning old fossil fuel-powered stations into clean energy hubs - this century's version of turning swords into ploughshares?

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